EP034: A Conversation with Emily Satterfield Pt.2

Join Matty, Cal and Nik for Part Two of our ongoing interview with our friend Emily Satterfield. She blesses us with her powerful testimony of coming out of the LGBTQ community into a right relationship with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Oh the amazing Gracious God of redemption! We hope you’re as blessed by this episode as we we are, God Bless!

EP032: Homosexuality & The Church Pt.2

Join Matty, Cal and Nik during the *MEGA EPISODE* as they continue the discussion on the very relevant topic of Homosexuality & The Church. What do the Scriptures say regarding the issue?; How should we view human sexuality; What should the Church’s response be in the light of cultural pressures?; How should the church reach out to those in the LGBTQ community?