EP113:The Evil Within

A new month means a new series. This month, we are continuing our apologetics series by examing various cults. This week, we examine the B.I.T.E. model, to help identify cult typical behaviors. We also continue our look at Romans chapter 3. Enjoy, like, and share! God Bless!

EP111: Cut to the Heart

This week we examine the practical difference between evidential apologetics and covenantal, or presuppositional apologetics. We also finish our exposition of the latter half of Romans 2. Tune in, like, and subscribe!

EP110: Wrath or Repentance

With a new month comes a new series! This week we start our discussion on apologetics. What is it? Is it necessary? Is it even Biblical? This week we tackle all these questions. Oh yeah! We also examine the universality of sin as found in Paul’s second chapter to the Romans. Tune in, and subscribe!

EP109: Reformation Relevance

Happy Reformation 500!!! This week we explore the continuing relevance of the Reformation 500 years after Martin Luther’s nailing of the “95 Theses.” We also exegete the always poignant, and somewhat controversial text; Romans 18-32. Enjoy, and God Bless!!!

EP106: Slaves of the Word

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Great Exchange! We hope you’ll enjoy this podcast about why we are Reformed, the important differences that still exist between Catholicism and Protestantism today, as well as, our first exposition of Romans on verses 1-7. Thanks for listening!

EP105: Reforming the Romans

On this week’s episode, Cal, Matty, and Nik celebrate the start of Reformation month by kicking off a month-long series on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. They also begin their brand new Bible study by introducing the book of Romans. Blessings and Enjoy!