EP050: The Big Five-Oh

In this, Our 50th show anniversary, we tackle a new format, start a new series, and finally get back to our series on John. It’s a fast paced, hard-hitting, in-depth conversation so hold on to your board shorts! Enjoy!

EP049: The One with Sin & Death

In the wake of the tragic events that happened last week in Orlando, Florida, we talk about what the church’s response should be to in the midst of such awful circumstances. What good news can the bride of Christ deliver a grieving, fallen, broken world? That Christ has defeated both Sin and death.

EP046: The Gospel According to John Pt.10

*Scheduling change due to holiday weekend* In this episode, we continue in John 5 by exploring the authority that Christ took unto himself. His claim to authority were the very reason He was hung on the cross at Calvary, which in turn, was the propitiatory act of sacrifice for His elect.