EP046: The Gospel According to John Pt.10

*Scheduling change due to holiday weekend* In this episode, we continue in John 5 by exploring the authority that Christ took unto himself. His claim to authority were the very reason He was hung on the cross at Calvary, which in turn, was the propitiatory act of sacrifice for His elect.

EP045: The Gospel According to John Pt.9

In this week’s JUMBO episode, Cal, Matty, and Nic continue their look at The Gospel According to John. In this, the 9th part of their study, they look at John 5: 1-19. Tune in this week to see the compassion of Christ, the callous of the religious authorities of the day, and the evil of man made religious systems. For God’s glory alone, Enjoy!

EP044: The Gospel According to John Pt.8

This week we FINALLY get back to our series on The Gospel According to John. We pick back up at the end of Chapter 4, where we see the effects of Christ’s encounter with the woman at the well, as well as, an encounter with an official, who’s Son had fallen ill to the point of death.

Bonus Episode!

Sometimes you set out to record a podcast and sometimes life gets in the way. Thankfully, during one of our podcast a game of Tim Challies’ popular game “Joel Osteen vs. Fortune Cookie,” led to an impromptu talk about the dangers of the prosperity gospel (that’s not really a gospel, Sorry Joel).