One thought on “EP018: The One with Heart Problems

  1. Hey guys. I appreciate hearing some of your stuff online. I get a bit driven away, however, due to your podcasts seemingly polarizing every issue. I find this methodology sets up Christians to create more enemies rather than friends. Not always, I get that, but the general feel is one of creating duality and polarization. I would love to hear less of that, because so often it actually hinders the gospel from reaching ears IMHO. I have pastored two churches and have seen this outcome more often than not. And that’s within the context of the church, never mind out in the world where the church’s witness is under much more of a microscope. The gospel should flow from within us through to how we live and treat those with whom we disagree. It ought to be inviting and compelling without coercion. Many will see these types of podcasts as coercion, and not necessarily without reason. I encourage you guys to explore other methods of sharing your experience of the gospel in ways that set the stage for deep friendships, not by polarizing, pitting groups against others…etc. It sets up and “us” vs. “them” climate, which people are already tired of, I think. The world is much more complex than Christians so often allow when discussing issues. This should lead us to hold our claims of truth with an open hand, not a clenched fist.

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